Learn XR Training

Who founded Learn XR?

Hi 👋, I'm Dilmer. I am an extended reality developer who has built and shared numerous experiences with AR/VR through over 100 open-source projects on GitHub. Additionally, I have created many YT videos teaching development with VR, AR, and AI. I am here to help you in getting started with XR. However, I am also passionate about helping you transform your career and life by leveraging the XR tools I have learned to use over the years.

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XR Online Training

Get ahead by acquiring VR/AR skills to advance your XR career while doing something you really love. All courses are organized in a way to make you comfortable with coding, even if you're not a programmer, and help you build VR/AR experiences for today's high-demand XR hardware, such as Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PICO 4, and very soon Apple Vision Pro!

  • $239.99
  • 2 payments of $119.99

AR Development With AR Foundation

  • Course
  • 34 Lessons

Master AR Foundation from start to finish with our comprehensive course. You'll learn to build and deploy your first AR experience, including features such as plane detection, point clouds, image tracking, face tracking, and more. We'll also build a complete AR experience that utilizes all topics covered. Upon course completion, receive a certificate to validate your new AR development skills.

  • $239.99
  • 2 payments of $119.99

VR Development With XR Interaction Toolkit

  • Course
  • 35 Lessons

Take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive course on the latest XR Interaction Toolkit. Learn to develop immersive VR experiences with cross-platform support and a common set of VR components. You'll explore VR camera rigs, XR controller input, object grab, UI interactions, locomotion, and more. Upon course completion, receive a certificate to validate your new skills in VR development with Unity.

  • $19.99

C# Programming Fundamentals With Unity

  • Course
  • 29 Lessons

Master the fundamentals of C# programming with the .NET 7.0 cross-platform ecosystem, and unleash the power of Unity scripting. By the end of the course, you'll have a strong foundation in C# programming, making it easier to learn augmented reality or virtual reality development. Upon completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate, which will attest to your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

  • $419.99
  • 2 payments of $209.99

XR Development Bundle (C#, AR, and VR Courses)

  • Bundle
  • 3 Products

This bundle encompasses all three courses available on Learn XR, providing you with a comprehensive set of skills required for XR development. The bundle includes the following courses: C# Programming Fundamentals With Unity, VR Development With XR Interaction Toolkit, and AR Development With AR Foundation.

Why I founded Learn XR?

Learn XR provides a crash course of what I've learned over years of experimentation with various cutting edge technologies, recently they have been Magic Leap 2, Meta devices, ARKit, ARCore, and A LOT of programming. Over the last few years I saw a huge need for more personalized XR training, I was able to produce huge amounts of content for AR and VR but with Learn XR I want to provide more detailed videos to get anyone who joins ready for the extended reality industry.


Michael Murdock

"Dilmer is by far the best AR/VR channel for beginners and professionals. He’s always teaching the latest cutting edge tech. He’s a pioneer, trailblazer and a master! He knows his stuff"
Founder CCO Continuum, thenuum.com

Robert Scoble

"Dilmer is doing an amazing job training a new generation of developers. He takes you from starting out to in depth techniques and technologies to use in building spatial computing apps.”
Chief Strategy Officer. Infinite Retina, infiniteretina.com

Alex Coulombe

"Dilmer provides an invaluable resource for staying on the top of the latest and greatest Unity techniques. As someone whose clients rely on me to stay at the cutting edge of innovation for a variety of XR devices, Dilmer is my first stop to study beta features and experimental workflows to evaluate their utility." Creative Director, Agile Lens: Immersive Design

XR Partnerships

Meta partnered to build dev awareness about the Interaction SDK.
Qualcomm partnered to build dev awareness about Snapdragon Spaces.

Unity has Sponsored content and continuously supports us with early access to tools.


Who is this for?

Learn XR is for anyone seeking to learn about extended reality technology, this platform focuses on all related to augmented reality and virtual reality technologies while utilizing the most up to date technologies available such as ARKIT, ARCore, Magic Leap, HoloLens, Oculus Devices, and others.

We also put a lot of emphasis in the following individuals:

  1. Programmers who have never coded with game engines and extended reality technologies.
  2. Beginner's who seek to expand their skills by learning to code and at the same time learn extended reality.
  3. Anyone with interest in augmented reality development.
  4. Anyone with interest in virtual reality development.
  5. Designers who want to expand their skills by learning extended reality technologies.

What does pre-release courses mean?

Pre-release means I am still working on the course content and I have set a future date for when the complete course will be released for everyone. Normally Pre-release purchases are lower priced than regular price purchases. 

Keep in mind that Pre-release content is only set 30 days before I release the final course, so you won't have to wait more than 30 days before you can start learning.

What hardware do I need for the courses?

  • If you are doing a course on VR I recommend using the Oculus Quest and a USB-C cable to connect to your MAC or PC during builds from Unity.
  • If you are doing a course on AR then it would depend on the platform, AR Foundation will require an iOS or Android device, Magic Leap and HoloLens have their own devices so check with me before getting any hardware for these type of courses.

Do I need to be a programmer to join your courses?

The answer is NO...keep in mind that I will do my best to include an introduction to programming by making a video of main components required to get going with the courses. For instance, I will cover classes, extensions, basic objects in Unity such as MonoBehaviours and also how scripts work when working with extended reality.

When does the course start and finish?

You will get an email with instructions and access to the course as soon as you sign-up. Learn XR is a self-paced online training where "You control your own time" pause, continue, you have full control of your own learning.

Do the courses get updates?

A lot of courses online are static meaning that once they are published they never change, however I will make sure to update the courses by providing you with new lessons as new technologies arrive which will ensure you gain the best experience possible to achieve your goals.

What if I'm not happy with the course?

If you join the course and you enjoy it then you will have built amazing skills, but if for whatever reason you didn't find what you needed I will offer you a full refund within the first 2 weeks, I will ask you to please provide me with feedback to improve the course.